Friday, March 11, 2011

Long time no blog

Its been so long since I've posted! Bad blogger! Bad!

We have just been enjoying the wonderful weather here in Tallahassee. We have been getting all the way up to the 80's some days. We have been getting some good use out of our Spring and Summer Jon jons :) Nothing cuter than a little boy in a jon it.

I could just eat Davis up, hes been so cute these days. Such a little boy. Talking away and just all over the place. He is a little raccoon, into everything he can get his hands on. He crawls up on everything!! Today we were eating lunch with a friend and he was adamant about crawling on the table...crazy boy. I told him we are civilized people and we don't crawl on tables. He didn't listen, ha

He just this week has turned into a walker. I would think in the next week he wont be crawling at all anymore. So cute to watch him toddle around.

Hes also eating a little better these days! Thank you lord! grilled cheese and fruit being a favorite :) He is not to into veggies but I try and sneak them in where I can. He will eat a whole plate of Chicken pot pie and I just try and pack it full of veggies. We also cut down on bottles which I think has helped his appetite.

Hope you all are having a good week!!

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