Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun at Grandpa and Grams

My dad is newly retired so we've been visiting him a lot lately. Today Davis was boycotting his nap after only sleeping 45 min(someone please tell me this passes and he goes back to napping???) We needed to get out of the house so off to Grandpa's we went. He has a huge yard with lots of exploring to do so it is perfect.

{you may notice the boys hair looking a little less mullety, Gary FINALLY let me cut it last weekend! We both love the way it turned out. He looks like such a little man :) It falls just perfect now. I could just eat him up!}

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  1. Adorable! I'm trying to get Cody to cut Westin's hair in the back too but he won't! :) THe one nap a day is not going so good. It works is we are out of the house in the morning but if not he is just a cranky mess. So I'm still doing two naps. How is your transition going?