Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Trip

In June we went on our annual beach trip with my mom and step dads family. We usually just go down for a few days out of the week while they are there, this week we got to stay Monday to Friday. It was such a treat and Davis LOVES his Nana and Popa so he was in heaven.We spent our days playing with cousins and staying cool in the pool. We ventured down to the beach once or twice during the day but the surf was so rough that we wouldn't stay long, because all Davis wanted to do was swim by himself but it was too dangerous for that. Every evening after dinner was our beach time :) we had low tides all week and Davis was in heaven! He would run and run and run...chasing seagulls the whole way. Gary was supposed to join us Wednesday but some things with work came up and he wasn't able to get away :( we sure did miss Daddy. Davis woke up Friday morning asking for daddy and saying he wanted to go home...sweet boy missed  him.

Nana, Davis and little buddy having our nightly beach time
Most of the pics are of him running because I couldnt get him to stop and look at the camera

loving it

Exploring with Nana

When did my boy get so big...

In motion

He found a hole and decided this is where he would take a little break

Headed into the waves with Nana
crazy little buddy

We took family pictures one night :)

After pictures we turned Davis and his cousin loose to run through the surf

They had soooo much fun!

The world is yours sweet boy
Getting a little brave

Me and my mama

Every night buddy would lay outside of Davis's door. Davis and buddy have this crazy, fun, loving relationship. One minute they are sitting quietly together and the next they are literally wrestling on the floor. It's quite the sight! Buddy missed his pal while he was sleeping.

We had such a fun time and cant wait to go back next year :) We head out Wednesday for a week in Tennessee ! Wish me luck on the flight with Davis


  1. It was a fun week, but having the two of you pushed it over the top. Love all the pictures!

  2. Thanks mama :) im assuming that you