Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been meaning to take pictures of D's nursery for oh i guess around 20 months now..ha! So here goes!
since I plan on printing this blog one day I want this to be included so he can look back 20 years from now and see where he slept and played when he was a baby.

when I got pregnant I immediately started thinking of what I wanted the nursery to look like.. of course I had a girl nursery all planned but I couldn't figure out which way to go with a boy nursery. i wanted it to be babyish but not corny. I bought all of my fabric from Trolly's in thomasville and my mother in law sewed it all together :)

As you walk through the door..

A picture of mommy 34 weeks pregnant taken by the wonderful Terri smith.. I went into this hospital about an hour after these pictures were taken and that's where i stayed until I had D at 37 weeks

Davis' PB chair and precious rocking chair found in Havana. He loves to stand in his pb chair and yell at the dogs out the window. The rocking chair is his prime reading/looking spot

The crib bumper fabric and valance fabric is called topsy turvy. The skirt is a green and blue plaid and the inside of the bumper is a green chennile

Changing table(ignore the pile of clothes!) restored by grams

I made these letters for above his bed, I love the way they turned out

where sweet boy lays his head

I love the way it all came together... its hard to have the vision in your head and to get it the way you want it but I think this is pretty close to what I had in my mind. Sweet and boyish but still baby :)

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  1. I agree, it is such a sweet room for him. Love the colors!